Building Department

Our mission is to help promote public health, safety, and welfare by regulating structures within the City of McCall and the Impact Area per McCall City Code 2.1.04.


Please submit all plans electronically to  

  • Building Permit Applications, plans, and associated documentation will only be accepted electronically at this time. Hardcopy plans are no longer a requirement. 
  • Complete applications packets can be found by clicking on the applications page link found below. Download, complete and scan your application back to us. Please be sure your applications are complete and all paperwork is filled out prior to emailing your submission to us. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please utilize the Helper Map to answer jurisdiction and zoning questions.  Snow load and other design criteria are found here. Other questions regarding setbacks can often be found in the Residential Development Guide. 2020 & 2021 City Code Updates are located on the Codes and Construction Information Page 

  • For questions or to coordinate submissions, or to make an appointment, contact Permit Technician, Rachel Santiago-Govier - | 208.634.7052.   
  • Building inspections are available by coordinating with Building Official, John Powell - | 208.634.8648
  • Public Works permits can be coordinated with Jodi Weaver
  • Utility Billing applications are handled by Bobette Steffler and can now be filled out online here.
  • Inquiries regarding Planning and Zoning should be directed to either the City Planner, Brian Parker at 208.634.4256 or via email at Alternately, you may contact the Assistant City Planner, Meredith Todd 208.634.4168, or via email at


An invoice will be sent to you via email after you submit your application with the information you will need for payment.

Payments may be mailed or Payment is accepted at City Hall either inside or at the drop box out front. If you would like to pay over the phone with an eCheck please call the front desk at 208-634-8907. Service fees for eChecks may vary, for details please call the front desk. Have your permit number & site address available when making a payment over the phone. The City also accepts Visa, Mastercard & Discover Credit Card payments in person or over the phone for a service fee of 3.5% + $1.00. 

It shall be unlawful for any person to do, or cause or permit to be done, after April 5, 1976, whether acting as principal, agent, or employee, any construction, improvement, extension, alteration, or demolition of any building, residence, or structure, coming under the purview of this act, within the planning jurisdiction of the city of McCall without first procuring a permit authorizing such work to be done. (Ord. 640, 5-12-1994, eff. 5-19-1994)

Need more info on your lot? Utilize our NEW Applicant Helper Map to answer zoning, city/impact area boundaries, and overlay questions.

Codes and Construction Info.    Click here for amended and other adopted codes.

Applications   and Other Important Forms

Design Information   Design Criteria, P&Z info, Design Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions   Do I need a building permit? Find out here.

Radon in Idaho   Radon affects more than one in four homes in McCall.

Green Building Resources  Resources for improving your energy efficiency