Airport Fees

Fuel Flowage Fees (per gallon)


Seasonal Tie-Down Rates (per month)(25% discount for paying six

months in advance)

Single Engine and Small Twin, T-tie-down areas


Twin Tie-Down row


Jet Row


Aircraft Parking

Piston single & light piston twin, less than 6,000 pounds (per night)


Piston single & light piston twin, 6,000-12,500 pounds (after 4 hours)


Turbine-powered single/twin (after four hours)


Jet less than 12,500 pounds (after 4 hours)


Jet 12,500 pounds and greater (after 4 hours)


New Land Leases (annually, per sq. ft. base year 2018 adjusts annually effective October 1 according the percentage increase of the Western Urban Consumer Price Index for the twelve calendar months prior and

including the most recent month for which such an Index is available.)





Landing Fees (per thousand pounds)max certificated gross takeoff weight

less than 8,000 pounds

No charge

Based Aircraft  8,000 lbs.


Transient Group A,B,C, Category I & II greater 8,000 and greater


Category III and greater


all air ambulance and firefighting aircraft

No charge

Hangar Waiting List


Car Rental Fees (On airport and Picking up or dropping off at Airport)

10% of gross receipts

Lease Assignment Fee

Not to exceed $1000 and not to exceed actual costs of

personnel and expenses

Commercial Operator Permits not leasing from airport or subleasing

from airport tenant

Itinerant Commercial Operators

$500.00 per year, landing fee @$1.65 credited against first


FAR Part 137 Ag Operators, except fire fighters

$500.00 per month

Scheduled Part 135 <10 seats

$1,000.00 per year,

landing fee @ $1.65

Vehicle (non-aircraft) Parking

Daily rate


Vehicle operator leasing from airport or subleasing or receiving services

from airport tenant. Monthly rate paid in advance


Vehicle operator neither leasing from airport nor subleasing nor receiving

services from airport tenant. Monthly rate paid in advance


Snow Removal from Leased Space

Automatic removal option - Fee per sq. ft.


As requested option, request received prior to 9am

$.01/sq. ft. +$10.00

As requested-expedited option

$.015/sq. ft.

Fee Schedule as of October 1, 2017

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