Flyover Confirmed

We are excited to announce the Air Force Flyover has been confirmed for the 4th! We are on the list! Look up in the sky around 11am on the 4th! Thank you to the McCall Municipal Airport for scheduling this excitement!

Control Tower in Use

Control Tower Operational

A mobile Control Tower is operating 0800L-2200L daily.  Ground Control Frequency 132.625  Local Control Frequency 126.15

Airport Ramp Construction

Airport Ramp Construction

The next phase of the main apron construction project is expected to begin Mon Aug 6.  In this phase the construction will pick up from the eastern edge of the current construction and cover an area reaching eastward to the Sawtooth Flying hangar (105).  During this phase the self serve pumps will be unavailable.  McCall Aviation will have a fuel truck available for taxi up service during their operating hours.  This phase of construction is scheduled for 23 days.