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McCall Airport Recipient of $10.7 Million FAA Grant to Relocate Parallel Taxiway

McCall Airport Recipient of $10.7 Million FAA Grant to Relocate Parallel Taxiway

The McCall Municipal Airport parallel taxiway relocation project is on the FAA list of Supplemental Projects intended to be awarded grant money as part of a $1 billion airport infrastructure initiative for small non-urban airports initiated by Congress in 2018.  The FAA grant program description/news release is at the first hyperlink below if you want more detail.

The $10.7 million grant has no match requirement, but the airport must first use its AIP grant entitlement funds for $150,000/year over 2020 and 2021 which have a 10% grant match requirement.  So depending on the State grant match the City will contribute between $15,000 to $30,000 to a fund pool of $11 million for this project.  The State goal is a 5% grant match which is where the $15,000 low end number comes from.

Basically, the big part of being selected for this supplemental program is that the City/State grant match contribution is reduced from over $500,000 if we used a standard FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) discretionary funds grant, to likely less than $30,000 on a $11 million dollar project. 

The project:

The current location of the taxiway is too close to the runway to meet FAA airport design specifications for the traffic we currently serve at the airport.  The City, by accepting federal grants, has agreed to comply with FAA airport design requirements.  The design process is underway to determine the exact location of the new taxiway.  This process includes a review of a previously completed environmental assessment and will have a public input phase.  Although the design isn’t complete, it is anticipated that this project will install wildlife fencing around the south end of the airport, install the new taxiway pavement to include markings and signage, remove the existing pavement, reroute the stormwater, rearrange and refresh some apron parking, relocate and replace the lighted windsock, and relocate the segmented circle.

This is the 2nd AIP grant under this supplemental funding program that McCall has received.  The first was for $1,765,329 to reimburse the City for the land acquisition.  This second round of funding will pay for the construction costs to relocate the parallel taxiway.

McCall was the only Idaho airport to receive funding in the first round of supplemental awards.   The below are the Idaho recipients for the second round.  A full list for both rounds are available following links found on the second website below.

ID Challis Challis Runway / Taxiway / Lighting Rehabilitation $3,300,000

ID McCall McCall Municipal Taxiway-Construct Taxiway $10,708,000

ID Paris Bear Lake County Runway / Taxiway Rehabilitation $6,400,000



Thanks to our consultants T-O Engineers for putting the grant package together and signing on to a massive, short deadline project.  Also sincere thanks to our US Congressional Delegation, Airports District Office in Helena, MT, Idaho Transportation Department, State Board of Aeronautics, City Council, and, most importantly, the citizens and businesses who make the grant dollars possible.


The NOAA has updated the ATIS and changed the telephone number.  The new number is: