Want to go the extra mile to help? McCall City Water Users are encouraged to embrace domestic water conservation strategies within their households. While adhering to the irrigation reduction request, residents willing and able to make additional contributions can adopt the following domestic conservation practices: 


1. **Mindful Hose Usage:** Avoid unnecessary water wastage by not allowing hoses to run unattended. Promptly turn off hoses when not in use to prevent needless water loss. 


2. **Strategic Timing for Heavy Water Usage:** Consider postponing activities that require substantial water usage, such as refilling hot tubs, to off-peak hours. This minimizes strain on the water system during peak demand intervals. 


3. **Leak Detection and Prompt Repairs:** Regularly inspect household plumbing for leaks and promptly address any identified issues. Even minor leaks can result in significant water wastage if left unattended. 


4. **Economical Dishwashing:** Opt for dishwashers when feasible, as they typically 


The City of McCall is committed to providing regular updates on the progress of the pump repairs and will continue to work diligently to restore full pumping capacity as soon as possible. 



 Don't take water for granted. In McCall, we run a small operation dedicated to meeting DEQ regulations and committed to providing the City of McCall with the cleanest of water. In order for this to happen the system needs to spend a certain amount of time with your water. Water usage this year is at an all-time high! 
We must act now to keep water runningPlease conserve with if you are a city of McCall water customer! 

Please take these 2 important steps 

1. Alternate your lawn watering days using our city-adopted schedule as a guide - matching even-numbered homes with even days of the month and odd-numbered homes with odd days of the month.  

2. Water your lawns in the evening instead of the early morning. This will help by decreasing peak demand. 

ALTERNATE DAY SPRINKLING: Irrigation of residential and commercial lawns and landscaping using City water, by sprinklers, or otherwise, shall occur only on alternate days. City water may be used for such irrigation at addresses with an odd number only on odd-numbered days of the month, and at addresses with an even number only on even-numbered days of the month. (Ord. 665, 7-14-94)

For example: If today is July 7th your house number would need to end in an odd number 1,3,5,7,9 in order to water today.