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Warren Wagon Road Construction

Existing road conditions

Thank you

A special thank you to all who have helped to plan and participate in this year's Fourth of July Lakeside Liberty Fest. We are excited for another great year!  

McCall Parks and Recreation: Changes in the Arctic Presentation

changes in arctic

New Self Guided Art Map

Each artistic work reflects the uniqueness and beauty of our small, rural town. We hope that these diverse works by nationally-renowned, local and youth artists enhance your experience and  stimulate your personal creativity as your tour McCall’s distinctive public spaces. Download it here or pick on up at City Hall.

A Digital Win for McCall’s TMP and GIS!

GIS TMP.jpgRead the Narrative Submittal:

Mountain Bike Skills Park Chosen for Youth Award!

IMG_0381.JPGCity Achievement Award for Youth and Youth Council for “City of McCall’s Mountain Bike Skills Park.” The award will be presented during the AIC Annual Conference in Boise on Thursday June 21.

Fourth of July Lakeside Liberty Fest Events Released.

Noxious weeds

ox noxNoxious weeds are non-native invading plants designated “Noxious” by the State of Idaho.  Noxious Weeds impair land productivity and value.  They outcompete and displace native vegetation because they have no innate controlling agents in their new environment and/or they have growth characteristics that inhibit survival of native vegetation.  Unfortunately, McCall is home for several of these unwelcome invading guests.

McCall Parks and Recreation: Centennial Plaza Bricks

It’s that time of year, the snow has melted and personalized bricks can be viewed down at Centennial Park. Add your family name or family members to the many bricks located at the plaza and create a fun family tradition of going on a brick hunt. Brick orders must be submitted by July 31st, orders are placed annually the first week of August and installed in the Fall around October. Click below to download a form or complete one at City Hall. Questions call 634-8991

McCall, Idaho Trail Map will generate dollars for Parks & Recreation

The new McCall, Idaho Trail Guide covers it all from our local area out to the backcountry both to the North and South. It displays public land, bike paths and trail networks like ponderosa park, jug mtn and bear basin.