Speaking of Sidewalks

The City of McCall is very committed to improving the pedestrian accessibility and safety of our community including sidewalks and pathways. We recognize the necessity to connect all areas of our community and to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some roadways such as Third Street and Lake Street are not owned by the City and require the support of other agencies such as Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) as well as buy-in from the neighboring property owners in order to install sidewalks. We've seen some successes and are thankful to property owners who have installed sidewalks along Third Street/State Road 55 as a part of their property improvements. Some of their neighbors have also shown an interest in extending this section. We are in constant contact with ITD to encourage their assistance in making the vision of our Transportation Master Plan and Mccall Area Pathways Master Plan come to fruition. If you are interested in sidewalks along State Hwy 55 through McCall make your suggestions to ITD here.

Enhancing the walking and bicycling network in McCall has been a priority for the City, evidenced by the McCall Area Pathways Master Plan, adopted in 2012. ~McCall Area Pathways Master Plan

McCall's City Council and staff use these guiding vision documents throughout their decision and implementation process and you can learn more about these plans for the future of sidewalks in these vision documents. Several sidewalk and pathway projects have been completed since that time and we look forward to doing more.

McCall's Transportation Master Plan

McCall's Area Pathways Master Plan

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