Notice of Intent to Temporarily Shut Water Off -REVISED

Notice of Intent to Temporarily Shut Water Off

This letter is being sent to you as an update to the letter that was distributed to you or your place of business on 3/11/19. Unfortunate circumstances have forced this work to be delayed beyond our original planned window, but we now have a firm commitment that the shutdown will occur on Monday 4/1/19 for 1st Street (including the Ice Center building) and on Tuesday (4/2/19) for businesses on Lake Street. This shutdown is part of the planned City of McCall Downtown Reconstruction Project upgrades. Kyle Hickman with Crestline Engineers (208) 760-7316 will be the primary contact for this work should you have any questions. If any further changes in plan take place you will be updated as soon as that information becomes available.

***It is important to note that unless you have physically received a copy of this intent, that you will not be affected. This notice will only affect select businesses on North 1st Street and Lake Street. Please do not copy or otherwise distribute this notice.

What to Expect:

  • Planned shutdowns of this nature will usually last 6-8 hours and will be during the business hours.
  • During this time no water will be available for use to your property. (Bathrooms, toilets, sinks, kitchens, etc.)
  • After the water is turned back on, laws that govern the U.S. drinking water systems will require testing to make sure that no contamination has entered the system. While actual contamination of the system is unlikely, this will result in a 3-5-day boil advisory, during which time the water will be able to be used for flushing of toilets, showering, etc., but is recommended that the water is boiled before being used for dishwashing (without heated drying), food preparation, or human consumption.
  • Please make preparations now for the shutdown period and subsequent boil advisory period to provide any necessary drinking water, food preparation, handwashing facilities, etc. that you may need to minimize the impact that this may have on you or your patrons.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Crestline Engineers at 208-634-4140 or the Public Works Department at 208-634-5580.

This notice is being sent to you by Crestline Engineers

PWS ID: 4430033. Date Distributed: 3/22/19

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