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For Current  ASOS observation, please call  208 634-5947

Runway North Camera - Current Observation 

web cam clear day saturated.jpg

Runway North Camera - Clear Day 

Runway North view from MYL ASOS vicinity to northwest. The approximate center of image is the numbers on Runway 16. Brundage Mountain is at upper right – note ski runs. Granite Mountain is visible on the left shoulder of Brundage unless obscured by clouds. Windsock at left of image is the lighted windsock. Windsock at the north end of airport is barely visible in distance unless enlarged. Note very small time/date stamp lower left. Time is Zulu (UTC). Click to display high definition (1080p) image in new window. New image approximately every 2 – 5 minutes – page does not auto-refresh. Reload or refresh the page to update.

Runway South Camera 

Latest Image

Runway South view from MYL ASOS to southwest.
The approximate center of the image is A2 between Taxiway A and Runway 16/34.
No Business Lookout (Elevation 7400) is the peak near the center of the image.
New image approximately every 10-15 minutes.
Reload or refresh the page to update. Time is in Mountain Time on the banner at the top of the image.

Latest Image

Latest Image

McCall Public Works Snow Camera (snow removal reference)  

McCall Airport KMYL NWS Hourly ASOS Observation and 3-Day History  

For  Current  ASOS observation, please call  208 634-5947