Short-Term Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I want to start or already run a Bed & Breakfast?

A: You will need a Business License, a City Sales Tax Permit, and a Conditional Use Permit. Please contact the City Planner for more information about the Conditional Use Permit. You do not need a Declaration of Compliance form as a B&B is categorized differently than a regular Short Term Rental.


Q: How do I find contact information for all property owners within 300 feet of my short-term rental?

A: The City offers a public noticing helper here. This is a helper, meaning that it is provided as a convenience, but is not considered binding or definitive. You should engage a title company with an office in Valley County or the Assessor's Office directly to ensure proper noticing.


Q: How do I know if I need a Conditional Use Permit?

A: Multiply the number of bedrooms in the short-term rental by 4. If the answer is 20 or more, you will need a Conditional Use Permit. See the Forms & Application Links section for more information.


Q: My short-term rental is in the Impact Area. Do I need a Business License to manage my own short-term rental?

A: No, but you do need to submit the Declaration of Compliance and may need a Conditional Use Permit (see the previous question).


Q: How do I know if my property is in the City Limits or the Impact Area?

A: Check out this map, it is full of useful information including the option to see what properties are inside the City Limits or the Impact Area.


Q:  If I manage multiple short-term rentals, do I need a Business License for each property?

A: If you are operating as a Property Management company, No. You will need a single Business License for your company and a separate Declaration of Compliance for each property.