The Library Expansion Bond affects the Parks & Recreation Department

The Library Expansion and Parks and Recreation

On February 27, 2020, McCall City Council adopted an ordinance calling for a General Obligation Bond Election on May 19th, 2020, to provide financing for the Library Expansion Project. The council is asking for the public to vote on a bond amount, not to exceed $6.2 million dollars, which is less than the estimated project cost of $8.2 million dollars. The bond of $6.2 million counts on $2 million in cash, grants and pledges toward the project therefore asking the public to approve the difference. If approved, the bond amount would be used for the purpose of preparing, constructing, renovating, and furnishing the City’s existing library facilities and the related relocation of the storage and office facilities of the City’s Parks Department to the Central Idaho Museum property. Due to the library expansion, the current parks facility, currently located in an old fire station building on the city campus, would need to be relocated. An expanded Library Facility would also enable Parks and Recreation to host the public for registration and loaned equipment in one central location. 

Parks Relocation Presentation

McCall Civic Campus Master Plan

McCall Library Expansion Project Developmental Schedule

McCall Library Expansion Project Estimate

Quick Facts 

  •  With the construction of a new library, the current Park’s Maintenance Facility location will be demolished for the new library footprint. 
  •  Library expansion is dependent upon the current property where parks is housed. 
  • The current Parks building housed in a long-standing inefficient, non-ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant fire station is not a workable location to house parks and recreation equipment and staff. 
  • In addition to maintaining the McCall Public Library grounds and their janitorial services, the parks department is currently responsible for maintaining restrooms, trash, landscaping, beautification and maintenance of eleven (11) Public City Parks, the Downtown Core, the Historic Museum, the mill road boat parking area and the McCall Welcome sign.
  • The department also maintains equipment, all bus stops, the Community Town Tree, twelve (12) miles of pathways, downtown sidewalks year-round, conducts arborists duties and weed management for all citizens and properties within city limits as appropriate.   
  • The new site would provide a centralized location, storage for resources and laydown yard for equipment. Currently the Parks Department stores items at the Airport, Gold Glove Park, The Museum Site 10-bay and the Parks’ current shop.
  • The Museum Site would offer the community wonderful potential with site specific programming that speaks to the history of the site and new public meeting and event space. 

Did You Know?

Why will the Library Bond affect the Parks and Recreation Department?

If the pending Library Expansion Bond passes on May 19th, 2020, the current Park’s Facility building will be removed due to construction of the expanded library footprint. Library expansion is dependent upon the current facility being relocated therefore is a part of the bond funding.  The Parks Department will outgrow its current location within the next few years. 

Why is the airport Parks and Recreation Department office not sufficient and operations moved to the old fire station?
Recreation offices were housed at the airport temporarily. FFA regulations state that airport property should be used for expanding airport services. The space once occupied by Recreation is leased by Gem Air or similar air transportation related business. Under Federal law, federally obligated airports may use airport property only for aviation-related purposes unless otherwise approved by the FAA. In some cases, airports have allowed non- aeronautical storage or uses in hangars that are intended for aeronautical use. (17-004 FAA Policy)  Too, the location was not convenient for the public and the space was inadequate for recreation program support.

What assets and services do Parks and Recreation department provide?
The Parks and Recreation Department focus is on improving the quality of life for residents in McCall and visitors and takes pride in that effort.
Your city Parks and Recreation Department maintains 70.6 acres of park properties and the City of McCall’s downtown core. The department maintains the parks and grounds so they are clean, refreshed and attractive for summer use, and are safe for winter activities  Use of the parks has increased year to year and mirrors what is expected because of population growth.  

Parks and services include: 

  • Legacy Park
  • Brown Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Gold Glove Park
  • Riverfront Park
  • Wildhorse Neighborhood park
  • Roosevelt Pocket Park
  • The Four Corners
  • Centennial Plaza
  • Davis Beach
  • Art Robert’s Park (Bear Park) 
  • The Historic Museum Site
  • Park Reservations/ Events (i.e. weddings, reunions)
  • The McCall Public Library
  • All Bus stops 
  • Welcome Sign
  • Landscaping /Beautification Efforts: flowers, flags/ banners, Community town Christmas tree 
  • Restrooms & Janitorial services to Library, Recreation Office and City Hall
  • Mill Road Boat Parking Lot
  • Downtown Sidewalks (snow removal, ice cream spill removal, repairs)
  • Arborist Duties
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • 12 Miles of Pathway
  • Trash removal

How many employees work for the Parks and Recreation Department?
Current staff -7 FT Staff, 2-5 FT/PT Seasonal
Hours of operation- Winter 4am-2pm, summer 7am-3pm, Evening 2/4pm- 10pm
In addition to the maintenance responsibilities and maintaining existing facilities, Parks and Recreation Department staff carve out time to develop new park properties such as River Front Park, a badly needed large acreage community park. 

Who  are the Park Department’s partners?
The Parks and Recreation Department’s staff  with myriad other organizations to meet community recreation needs.  Partners include
•    Idaho State Park, 
•    McCall-Donnelly School District, 
•    Valley County Noxious Weed Control efforts, 
•    University of Idaho- Landscape Architect, 
•    McCall Golf Course & Public Works Department with shared equipment/ resources.

  • The department works with local business on facilities development projects and gets creative with grants, donations and in-kind labor from other companies to expand the ability to improve the City of McCall’s parks and pathways

What are examples of the results of community partnerships?

•    Last year we received a donation of $50,000 that helped make Wooley Boardwalk possible.
•    Community members, including Ben Gau with McCall Dirt Works contributed time to clean-up o the Marina area by Brown Park. 
•    Donation of rock from the Warren Wagon Road reconstruction project was used for the riverbank stabilization project at Riverfront and for Rotary Park improvements. The estimated value in rock and transportation $100,000. .

Why will a move to the Historic Museum site be beneficial to the Parks and Recreation Department and the community?
•    The park’s department will no longer be housed in the populated downtown area with high traffic and pedestrian use. 
•    The move will provide a centralized location for storage of equipment, landscaping materials, and other park maintenance resources and a laydown yard for construction projects. Currently the Parks Department stores items at multiple locations that include the Airport, Gold Glove Park, The Museum Site 10-bay and the Parks’ current shop.
•    The Museum Site offers wonderful potential with site specific programming that speaks to the history of the site and event space. With continued grounds care and maintenance provided by the park’s staff.

What has the Parks Department accomplished in the last 5 years?

  • 2015- Completion of Gold Glove Park’s restrooms and concession stand facility
  • 2015- Reconstruction of the City Boat Launch Ramps and sidewalk
  • 2015- Irrigation replacement and landscape screening along western side of Legacy Park
  • 2015- Nearing completion of Centennial Park
  • 2016- Construction of Mountain Bike Skills Park, adjacent to Harshman Skatepark
  • 2016- New Park signs 
  • 2016- Shoreline improvements at Legacy Park including a concrete retaining wall around the volleyball court
  • 2016- Wildhorse Interpretive Park 
  • 2017- Stormwater improvement infrastructure near the Sheep Bridge at Rotary Park
  • 2017- Parking area and turn around at Riverfront Park
  • 2017- Clean up of old docks North of Marina
  • 2017- Increased flower and ornamental plantings throughout downtown
  • 2018- Completion of Legacy Park Promenade surface treatment repairs and improvements
  • 2018- Cooperative work with Valley County toward enhancing and improving noxious weed controls
  • 2018- 17th year awarded Tree City USA Certification
  • 2018- Revegetation efforts, river bank stabilization, and pathway construction to jump start development of Riverfront Park
  • 2019- Completion of the 1600-foot-long Wooley Avenue boardwalk
  • 2019- Feasibly study for public event center/ boat house concept
  • 2019- Cooperative work with University of Idaho Landscape Architect students to develop design concepts for Brown Park and Riverfront Park waterfront properties improvements
  • 2019- Secured funds for playground replacement at Brown Park

If the library Bond does not pass what will happen to the Park’s Department?
If the department remains at its current site, staff will continue to serve the community to the best of their abilities:

  • coping  with space restrictions that impedes staff efficeincies 
  • limited equipment and supplies storage
  •  restrictions on equipment storage and  repair and maintenance operations due to expected population growth and the development of downtown housing and businesses, and proposed improvements of the area behind city hall and the library as a community plaza will place more .
  • Work to expand of facilities and parks will be more difficult.

What is the Parks and Recreation Department’s operating budget?

How will the Recreation activities of the Department be affected if the Library Bond passes?
•    The Recreation offices will be relocated in the new Library offering a more accessible storefront to provide services to customers, locals and  visitors
•    Addition of more partnered programs and services with the Library 
•    Customer convenience, service in a localized area, library needs, program registration and equipment checkout (i.e. sharing same check out software for equipment rentals)
•    Programming space for some indoor youth programs 
•    Adult programming/ class space 

What will happen to Recreation office if thew bond doesn't pass?
We will continue to fight the challenges of the lack of program space, storage space and accessibility to our services for customers. 

Who services does the Recreation Department staff provide? 
Recreation staff members offer a broad base of sports, education, and fun programming and services, targeting all age groups. We support local sports development efforts through our work with the multiple sports leagues and teams.. We work with small businesses like The Boardroom or McCall Craft Store  to insure we are not competing by providing the same programming.  An  example is we terminated our offering skateboarding lessons when the Boardroom opened and  specific craft classes are offered. 

Recreational programs reach out to residences in McCall and our neighbors in Donnelly, New Meadows and Council.  Weekend visitors are often seen wandering the pathways, eating ice cream on warm summer days.  The parks and recreation department are there to clean out the trash cans, wipe up ice cream spills and provide fun activities during busy holiday events. Participation rates have grown significantly as the City of McCall’s and the region’s population grow.

Equipment/gear mountain bikes for youth and adults; skateboards; scooter; helmets; wrist guards; knee/elbow pads; classic cross-country skis, boots and poles for youth and adults; snowshoes for youth and adults; Kinder sled; Dutch ovens; sports goals, balls, nets and other equipment; toddler tumble time equipment; youth baseball and softball bats, balls, helmets; knocker balls; 10x10 pop up tents
Special Events Mile High Mile, Pop Up programs (i.e. Luminary Walk, Floral Night Pumpkin Carving Night) Liberty Fest

How many employees work for the Recreation Department?
Current staff in the Recreation Department includes 3 Full Time, 1 Full Time Seasonal 
General hours are 9-5 pm, however staff is often onsite at a facility or preparing for program; special events or evening programs may require alternate hours.

How do we overcome our lack of recreational facilities space?
We partner with others in the community: the school district, several businesses, non-profits and supporters of Recreation.

Our community partnerships include:

  • McCall Community Center- space needs for special events (Halloween carving night, Earth Day movie night, munchkins series, 2nd Friday Lunch)
  • McCall-Donnelly School District- elementary gym (basketball, indoor soccer, pickleball); middle school gym (basketball games, volleyball, indoor soccer, pickleball); high school gym (basketball games); elementary backfield (wee soccer, t-ball, Mtn. High soccer camp); high school fields (Mtn. High soccer camp, football club)
  • McCall Golf Course- SNAG (Starting New At Golf) program, Luminary Walk
  • Tamarack Resorts- rafting and zipline trips for youth
  • Cascade Rec Center- No School Fun Days swimming
  • Mountain Valley Transit- No School Fun Days transportation
  •  Roxy Theater- No School Fun Days entertainment
  •  Franz Witte Nursery- Arbor Day
  • Valley County Pathways- Full Moon Snow Series
  • Jug Mountain Ranch- mountain bike trail system
  • McCall Area Composite Mountain Bike Team- training for mountain bike camp
  •  US Tennis Association- equipment and certified instructors
  • Ponderosa State Park- racing equipment
  •  USA Softball of Idaho- certified umpires, training, insurance
  • National Recreation and Parks Association- training, grants
  • St. Luke’s- Auxiliary Thrift Store donations, program support and resources
  • Progressive Club- monies for equipment donations Idaho First Bank- basement needs for Tots and Tykes movement program
  • Rotary Club- McCall Ball fundraiser for youth scholarships