McCall Redevelopment Agency Board of Commissioners
Responsibility: The Board is fully responsible for the administration of the affairs of the McCall Redevelopment Agency, including the budget and carrying out Agency projects. The term of office of a member is three years and there are seven members who are appointed by the McCall City Council.

Current Membership:

  • Rick Fereday, Chair
  • Bob Giles, Secretary
  • Bob Youde, Vice President
  • Colby Nielsen
  • Shelly Johnson
  • Monty Moore
  • Nic Swanson

Staff Contact: Michelle Groenenvelt, Community Development Director, 208-634-5229

Regular meetings held on the third Tuesday of every odd month at 8:00 AM in the American Legion hall below City Hall, 216 East Park Street, McCall.

McCall Redevelopment Agency (MRA) Resources:

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2016 Adopted Budget

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2015 Adopted Budget

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