PathwaysMcCall Area Pathways Committee


A connected, non-motorized network of pathways and trails in the McCall Area that connects the community with nearby forest and water recreation opportunities. This pathway system enhances our unique mountain community, cherished by generations for its scenic beauty and small-town quality of life.


  • Develop a McCall Area Pathway Master Plan by involving key partners and the community in the planning process and in developing the pathways system.
  • Improve pathway connections and safety within neighborhoods and between parks, schools, recreational areas, public buildings, Ponderosa State Park, Payette National Forest and other community destinations.
  • Enhance McCall’s reputation as a pedestrian-friendly, small-town community and boost economic development opportunities.
  • Increase pathway use for people of all physical abilities, and improve health and fitness of trail users by providing connected pathways for walking and biking.
  • Provide alternate transportation options in the McCall community and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • Promote respect for private property along the pathways to minimize disruption and disturbance.
  • Promote McCall Area Pathways’ benefits and routes for residents and visitors.

Steering Committee

  • Sue Abbott - National Park Service
  • Dennis Coyle - Park & Rec. Director
  • Michelle Groenevelt - Community Development Director
  • Garrett Mapp- GIS Analyst
  • David Simmonds - Citizen
  • Gail Draper - Citizen
  • Andy Olavarria - Valley County Pathways President
  • Matt Linde - Ponderosa State Park
  • Alana Erickson - Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association
  • Kurt Wolf - McCall Recreation Supervisor
  • John Groom - Former Forest Service, resident
  • Ed Elliot - Business owner
  • Irwin Mulnick - Complimentary Health Services/Practitioner
  • Kim Apperson - Planning & Zoning Commissioner


To guide development of a McCall Area Pathways Master Plan that serves as a long range planning tool to promote and develop a non-motorized pathway system in the McCall Area to enhance recreation, tourism, safety, fitness, pedestrian transportation, enjoyment and quality of life for all users.

Events and Resources

Agendas, Materials and Meeting Notes

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