Request for Proposals - Library Design

The Board of Trustees of the McCall Public Library invites proposals from qualified architectural/consulting firms to develop an initial conceptual design and provide cost estimates for the expansion and remodeling of our library. We welcome your firm to view the attachment, become familiar with the proposal requirements and submit for consideration by the specified time.
Request for Proposals
Site Plan
Site Plan with Aerial

The Library Board of Directors and Building Committee will negotiate with the top candidate and if an agreement cannot be reached the Board will then negotiate with the next candidate if they so choose, or they may reject all proposals.  In the negotiation process it should be clear that the Library will own all drawings and other products and may use those in any way the Library sees fit. The selected proposer will not retain any interest in the drawings or other products when the negotiated price has been paid. The successful candidate will not be guaranteed a contract to design the remodel/expansion.

Membership Information

Appointed by: City Manager with confirmation by Council. The term of service is 5 years for each member. There are 5 members, and they are all on a different beginning year, so one space becomes available each year in October. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact the library director in September of any given year.

Responsibility: To exercise care and control over the affairs of the McCall Public Library.

Current Membership


  • Trustee Term Ends
    Ed Hershberger 10/2015
    Jacki Rubin 10/2016
    Sean Gould 10/2017
    Lola Elliot 10/2018
    Lynn Lewinski 10/2019

The Board of Trustees meets every 3rd Wednesday in a month at 3 p.m. at the McCall Public Library Conference Room.

Library Board Agendas and Minutes

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